The most expensive and rare items in the LoL

Online games is an important part of different lives in our time. Big part of us like to come home after a hard day's work or study and plunge into the colorful world of various strategies, adventures, fighters and other popular genres. We compete with our friends and strangers, go through assignments and communicate with other players. Have you ever heard about Rare League of Legends Skins? We will tell you something interesting about it.

Every day we discover something new for ourselves. So, each of the experienced players at least once thought about the issue of the most rare Leagues items, as well as how to get these items. If you like to learn new interesting facts or just enjoy the collection of rare weapons, equipment or heroes, then you will appreciate this article about the most expensive skins in League of Legends.

Rare LoL skins list

Lollipoppy skin (Owned by> 250 000)
A set of these items appeared during one of the winter events in 2010 and immediately gained great popularity due to its appearance and good characteristics. Many players do not consider that this is a rare LoL skin, but nowadays it will not be easy to get such a thing. It can only be purchased with the account on which it is available.

The Mighty Jax (Owned by> 200,000)
If you played this popular online MMO game in 2010, then maybe you also have this item. This is a limited series of items, which was immediately appreciated by professional players and many collectors. It had many advantages:
  • Good appearance
  • High attack rates
  • These items immediately cost a lot of money
Red Card Katarina (Owned by> 100 000)
If you've ever searched how to get the most rare LoL skins with increased rarity on the Internet, then you saw this item for sure. This is also one of the items that are now difficult to find from ordinary players or people who started playing recently. Previously, these rare LoL skin were given to players as a gift for receiving 975 RP points, but now many professional players have reached this level, so the administration of the game removed this bonus.


All-Star Akali (Owned by> 100,000)
If you like colorful and unusual skins, then you should know this one of the most expensive league skin. This subject was activated in 2010, when the World Football Championship was held in summer. The developers introduced this to increase the activity of players and attract new players who would like the popular game and they would continue to play it after the famous sports event.

The strategy of the game owners turned out to be successful and they attracted a large number of new players. Over time, this bonus was removed from the game, but it still remains one of the best rarest LOL skins.
Pax TF (Owned by> 50,000)
This skin is one of the most popular items in the game's lifetime. The average price for such item on the Ebay online auction is about $550. Despite the fact that this is not the leader in the top 10 rarest League of Legends skins, often professional players consider this skin to be the rarest and most useful in the game.

If you are interesting about what is the rarest League of Legends skin, you should know this one. Developers of this popular MMO game released this in 2009 during one of the first major championships in the game of LoL. This skin has a nice appearance and attracts a lot of collectors who are often ready to buy it for a lot of money, but nowadays this object can be hard to find.

Gray Warwick (Owned by> 100,000)
This is also one of the rare LoL skins for the players and their friends who started playing with them. This skin attracts not only collectors, but also professional players who appreciated the good battle characteristics of the object and its appearance many years ago. To receive this one, you need 10 players that have registered through your bonus system have reached level 50.
This hero can often be seen in the international online tournaments League of Legends. He has a high rate of damage and always finds a place in the strategy of any team. If you want to get such a hero, then you need to be prepared that it is not easy to do it. Sometimes it can be seen in various online stores.
Human Ryze (Young Ryze) (Owned by> 65,000)
Do you like to buy collection limited games? Then maybe you own this rare item. Hyman Ryze and Black Alistar is not amazingly rare LoL skins, but if you now want to get one of them, then it will be very difficult. After 2010, when thanks to the developers, several million new players came to the game, on various online auctions (such as Amazon or Ebay) limited copies of LoL were on sale.

In each box with the game, buyers could find a unique code that gave them the right to get these 2 useful items, which are still very popular among professional players and large collectors. Every year, game developers updated these skins to give them even better characteristics, so in our time not every player can afford to buy it for a lot of money.

Rusty Blitzcrank (Owned by> 40,000)
And now it's time to find out about legendary and extremely rare LoL skins. If we talk about the rarest LoL Champion skins, which many professional players are ready to buy at any time in online stores for a lot of money, then this item is not suitable for them. The fact is that it does not have too much price, although it remains quite rare. The administration added this item as a bonus for buying a limited LoL edition in 2012-2013 and many buyers got it along with the game.
But this rare hero never got much popularity, because he was almost no different from the ordinary hero, which is available to all novice players. Rusty Blitzcrank does not have very good characteristics and is rarely used today in major tournaments or just in different teams. Although it is sometimes difficult to understand the collectors, who buy it for large amounts of money.

Vancouver Amumu (Owned by> 25,000)
Every player who has ever been interested in what is the rarest League of Legends skin knows this popular and expensive subject, which now only experienced players possess who have received very high levels or collectors who are ready to give a lot of money for it. Vancouver Amumu takes the second place on our list. In 2010 the owners decided to attract a lot of new people with good bonuses. It's exactly on one of the best rarest LoL skins.

But they did not know that in the future this bonus would be a huge rarity even for professional collectors. This hero appeared during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. It has an unusual appearance (similar to zombies) and has good characteristics on the game map. Nowadays it's very difficult to get such a hero, even if you have a lot of money. Many professionals consider that this is the best skin in our time.
Medieval Twitch (up to 1500 items)
This object exists in the game for a long time, but in our time it is extremely difficult to find accounts on which it could be noticed. To get this item, a few years ago you had to add 10 friends to your bonus list, and they had to take a 350 level. Even the first look, this task seems too complicated or almost impossible.
When this bonus was introduced, the game was not very popular yet, and getting high levels required more time. So now this rare LoL skin is no longer given to new players, it can only be bought in special online stores for huge amounts of money. This item is the most expensive skin in League of Legends.


How to get the most rare LoL skins in our time?

If you decide to get or buy one of these items, it is important to know that it will not be easy. Often, various rare items can be found at SmurfStore or at major auctions. In any case, you should not get upset if you can't get one of these items. Every year in the popular online game there are many other useful items. Think or look in your inventory - will not one of your items cost like a new car in 5-7 years? Can it be in top 10 rarest League of Legends skins?

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