Have a Look at Riot K-9 Nasus Accounts for Sale

Riot K-9 Nasus is part of the Riot Police series of skins released in early 2010s. The champion has new armor and weapon textures and looks stylish, so there’s a good reason why so many players want it in their collections. Oh, yes, and it is kind of rare as the Riot store does not sell it so you can’t find it for sale… as a rule.

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What Is the Price for K9 Nasus?

The community first saw this skin in 2011. This skin was awarded to those who attended the Gamescom event in form of redeemable codes. Some of those people might not even heard of League of Legends, so there’s little wonder that the codes started to appear on various online marketplaces.

At some point, Riot decided to disable the codes, making them useless. It caused a nice spike to Riot K-9 Nasus’ price as it was much harder to obtain. But, with time, this skin has been popping up through the in-game store and Mystery Gifting, so it is not considered that rare anymore.

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What Does This Skin Look Like?

Here’s the splash art painted by Kienan ‘Knockwurst’ Lafferty:
riot k-9 nasus skin image

And that’s how Riot K 9 Nasus looks like on the battleground:
riot k-9 nasus rarity look like in game image

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Is This Store Safe?

Yes, it is using an advanced certificate to protect customer data and payments.

Can I Lose My Riot K-9 Nasus Account?

That’s highly improbable as the store sells only hand leveled accounts.

If Riot K-9 Nasus’ rarity is what makes it interesting for you, be sure to purchase it right away!