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Master Tier: Unforgiving, Yet Extremely Rewarding

This tier is one of the top three LoL mastery ranks that list the most skilled summoners in League of Legends. To reach that level of skill, one may spend years and years. Should we even mention how long it takes to get your account to such heights?

Still, the store sells Master-tier profiles for a good price. You can become one of these summoners in no time.

How Many Master Players Are in League of Legends?

Unlike lower tiers, this one has a fixed number of players that are considered worthy of the Master title. These numbers, actually, vary from one region to another:

North America, Europe West — 4000
Europe Nordic & East, Brazil, Turkey, LA North, LA South — 1900
Oceania, Japan, Russia — 1000

You may gain a standing on one of the servers, too.

How Does LoL Master Rank Armor Look Like?

There is but one division in the Master tier, so the appearance of icons depends purely on splits. LoL Fandom wiki provides us with pictures:
lol master rank image

One of these icons is going to be demonstrated in your profile, if you decide to buy one.

Hand Leveled LoL Master Tier Accounts for Sale

The store provides you with a great opportunity to enter the elite league of summoners. It’s so easy to turn your typical LoL experience into something greater! All you need to do is make your pick among top quality accounts for sale.

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Impressive range of LoL accounts
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Even if you buy a verified acc, you’ll still be able to re-verify it with your own email. Be sure to contact our support team if you have any further questions.

Is This Website Safe?

Yes! SmurfStore is using the advanced SSL protocol, while the PayPal and other payment systems processes all customer payments.

Can I Lose My League of Legends Master Acc?

Hardly, because this store does not sell botted profiles. And even if something happens to it, you will get a substitute for free, given that you have nothing to do with the ban.

We hope you’ll find the LoL Master account you’ve been looking for!