Riot Blitzcrank Skin Makes Battles Much More Fun

Riot Blitzcrank is a highly sought-for skin for every fan of this champion, as well as League of Legends skins collectors. With its riot police armor and overall solid look, Blitz may even boost the morale of your teammates. Unfortunately, the Riot Store does not sell it anymore, at least for now. As always, there is an alternative option.

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How to Get Riot Blitzcrank

In 2013, players saw the release of a so-called Riot Police set featuring five League of Legends champions. Riot Blitzcrank was one of them, with a cool looking metal armor and blue-red color scheme. At that time, everyone was able to buy it at the in-game store.

However, as time passed, Riot decided to remove this skin from the store so players were no longer able to find it for sale. Is Riot Blitzcrank rare? Well, somewhat, but not too much. For the time being, you can get it through Mystery Gifting, Hextech Chests, or by purchasing an account that already has it.

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What Does This Skin Look like?

Here’s the splash art presented by Sperasoft Studio:
riot blitzcrank skin image

And that’s how this version of Blitz looks like on the battlefield:
riot blitzcrank rare on the battlefield image Probably the Best Place to Buy Riot Blitzcrank

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Is This Store Safe?

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What if I Lose My Account?

It’s highly improbable as SmurfStore sells only hand leveled accounts. Should there be any issue, just write a line to our customer support and we will resolve it.

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