How to Name Your account In League of Legends?

League of legends is an extremely popular online game which gathers over 100 million players monthly. The number of accounts is even more numerous as some participants have several ones. With such diversity, no wonder that it is not simple to create a unique league of legends name. What is more, it is better when it is not only unique but smart, funny, interesting and easy to remember. Also, they say that when you give somebody a name that defines their luck. True it or not, but perhaps no one wants to give their hero a bad luck in a game as they want them to be successful in it. That is why of the right name in the game can code us for success. The task is quite responsible in this regard, yet it is fascinating at the same time as it summons up our creativity. After all, the name is the first thing which makes an impression on us if we just get acquainted with a person for the first time and don’t even know how they look like. This is especially actual in online games – when the only things which we can see about a person is their nick, avatar image and how their hero looks like. Of course, nothing is impossible. If you tackle this challenge and want to create your own eye-catching summoner name, we can gladly help you through this process with some inspiring ideas. Actually, challenges make life interesting, don’t they?

What are the ways to get creative league of legends names?

Even though many extraordinary and good sounding names are already used in the game, there is no reason to be upset. You still have a chance to get the best LoL names waiting just for you. Here are some options and you may choose the one which appeals you best:

  • You may create it yourself – perhaps the most challenging
  • You may browse through the internet and run into some names which may inspire you to create something extraordinary
  • You may check what professionals’ names already exist – to get on the right track
  • You can use free online name generators and take something from there
  • You may ask for help some people who are quite creative about names and gladly share quite really good names with those you need them. However, you will have to check if the name is still free on your own
  • You may read relevant forums where people share their opinions about what names they consider to be cool and extravagant
  • Ask your friends for some nicks – they may notice your specific features which have never been aware of yourself. Then you will be able to make it a basis for your name
  • Think of your pets and recollect their behaviour – most likely they possess some unique or cute features you need
  • Flash back to your student years – maybe some interesting adventures of those great times will give you the key
  • Revive some pleasant memories – you can get the clue this way
You are more than welcome to continue this list with your own idea – that will be even better!

Tips to find funny League of Legends names: try to think outside the box

When we laugh at something we are likely to remember that for long. We recollect hilarious things easily and when we forget them with time, we still have pleasant emotions about them. Without any doubt, it is the same with names. You will pay attention to a person with a funny nick rather than a plain and dull one. This is what a majority of players who discuss nicks in their forums are unanimous about. One of the ways to invent it is to twist well-known names so that they could sound unexpected and thus draw attention in such a way. We can give you some League of Legends Summoner names ideas which you can’t use any more but which can set up your way of thinking:

  • Carry Potter instead of Garry
  • Brand Pitt not Brad
  • Not Donald but Skarnold Trump
  • Darth Veigar replacing Vader
  • Shaco O’Neal resembling Shaquille
  • Moregank Freeman is said to be one of the funniest names, according to some gamers’ opinions
  • Morgana Freeman seems to be a good female option
  • WalkinTalkinStephanHawking
  • KetchemInTheAshe
It sounds funny as well if you get not an association with famous people but have an unusual word combination as well, for example, Memorylame (compare Memory fame) or GrubbyGerm. Actually, one may inquire as well what happened to memory so that it was lame.


It is well known that professional players may want to hide their true skins and skills and play “under cover” disguised as smurfs so you don’t know actually who is who unless you remember their smurfs by names. Here is a bright example of some professionals’ smurf names which may sound appealing. It’s Turtle the Cat when you involve funny characteristics appealing to your imagination as you try to grasp and combine what can’t be combined, at least at first sight.

League of Legends Names Generators: the way out when you can’t think up something great right away

If any idea of a proper name does not strike you at the moment, there is no need to worry about it or get upset. You can use a name generator for League of Legends, they are available online for free at the following sites:

These generators are quite easy to use. If you tell your preferences specifying your name, hobbies, things or some ideas you like, then you will get a name which can fit you perfectly well. You may choose yourself if you want your nickname to be long or not, to have some figures in it or not. Don’t forget to check its availability. It is simple though. These platforms give a possibility to do it in an instance. It is easy and perhaps there are no difficult parts about it at all, and the longest one is maybe to fill up the fields about your likings. You may use any other site generating names, not specifically for League of Legends. Cheezus and Namegenerator give some funny, cool, mean ideas – to match anyone’s taste and sense of humour. Don’t forget to check them for availability in the game, too.

How to change league of legends name: what to do if you have a better idea

When you get a new account you have to name it. Most likely you won’t keep a temporary name consisting of a number of illogical row of letters and figures difficult to remember both for yourself and other users or maybe even too long. If you buy a leveled lol account you have a summoner name already. Typically, these are random names. They sound pretty good but you may change them if you have something better on your mind. The other situation is when you named your account in a hurry. So you put the first thing which you had on your mind intending to return to this matter later with greater ideas. Then you finally happened to invent a nicer nick. That’s no problem as you can change lol name any time. To do so, you need to go to game client and purchase a change name. Some people advise that if your team mates regard your nick as inappropriate they may report that to the support. Then you will get an email from the support with your temp name and a request to change it. After that, you will have a chance to replace your current name for free if you are doing that for the first time.

We wish you success in naming and gaming!

We sincerely hope that we have eased for you a tedious and even exhausting process to create a new name. We have given you some options and described where you may look for some interesting ideas. Those who seek will always find and there is hardly something impossible if you know what exactly you want and how to get it. Sometimes you don’t have to sit for a long time trying to invent something special. It may happen that you can do it when you expect that the least. You just have to live with this idea for a long time or sleep with it, as they say. Then it may occur to you in some beautiful moment. You know how to find it now and are aware how to change your name in case you consider your current one boring or don’t find it appealing any more for some reasons, either personal or not. We wish you inspiration in creative naming and may it bring you good luck in the game! Who knows, maybe your very name will be the next one eagerly discussed and unanimously agreed as cool, hilarious and simply the best of the best they have ever seen or heard! So, why can’t yours be the one? Go ahead and just do it! Be unsurpassed and unbeatable in any of your ventures! Maybe you will develop an unparalleled game strategy with it to follow and admire by many other players. Our team will be happy to provide you with a pleasant game experience and is constantly working to render high performance services considering wishes of each our customer.

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