Look at These Fantastic PAX Sivir Accounts for Sale!

Despite not being the rarest skin in the game, PAX Sivir still remains a coveted thing to have for many players as there is no legit way to buy it. Nonetheless, online stores sell accounts with this skin, allowing you to flaunt the unique appearance of the popular character on the battlefield.

SmurfStore sells it too, and for a good price. Be sure to take a glance at its list of hand leveled accounts for sale. On this platform, you can customize your account according to:

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A White-Haired Fortune Hunter with Cyberpunk Vibes

Those who’ve see the 2010 “Tron: Legacy” movie will quickly notice the references. Pixie hairdo, phosphorescent light-blue patterns, and the overall look make you remember what you’ve seen in the film.

This skin was one of the presents that were given to those who had attended Penny Arcade Expo in 2011. Many people decided to sell their codes later when it was still possible to use them. Even at that time, the price of PAX Sivir was about $200. It costs even more now, up to $350 or higher.

As of today, you can obtain this skin only by buying an acc that already has it. 

Is It Still Possible to Redeem a PAX Sivir Code?

Special codes that had been given to the attendees of 2011 PAX event were disabled three years later, in 2014. It means that even if you have such a code, it cannot be redeemed now. Beware of scammers that may try to sell you such codes online!

Especially since you already know where to find this skin for sale — and for a reasonable price.

Original PAX Sivir vs. NEO PAX Sivir

It 2017, Riot provided summoners with an opportunity to craft a slightly revamped version of PAX Sivir skin with 10 gemstones. Those who had already owned the original skin received the NEO version for free.

Here are the main differences between them two:

Different color schemes
Red trails for the spells in the original version
Unique loading screen border for the original version

There are even two variations of splash art which make it possible to compare two color schemes:

pax sivir skin image

pax sivir code image

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Customer Safety

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Can I Get Banned?

No, as long as you don’t violate the rules of the game. 

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