Incredible League of Legends Diamond Accounts for Sale

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Are You Ready to Get Into the LoL Diamond Tier?

Believe it or not, only about 3% of players can boast of being ranked in Diamond tier, if we take a glance at the NA server statistics. It means that those summoners are ranked higher than almost 97% of other players!

Diamond tier offers a whole new level of League of Legends experience. Risk assessment becomes truly important, while your lane performance can determine the outcome of a match. 

This store will gladly sell you a key to these incredible battles for a modest price.

You Already Know That, Don’t You?

An account of level 30 or higher and at least 20 champions on it — that’s, actually, all you need to participate in ranked games. You probably know that by now, but, just in case.

Keep in mind that League of Legends Diamond account allows you to queue only with players that are two divisions up or down. For instance, if your division is Diamond IV, you’ll be able to queue with Platinum I, II and Diamond II, III.

How Does LoL Diamond Division Armor Look Like?

Here are the icons for Diamond tier from LoL Fandom wiki:
lol diamond account image

You may soon be able to flaunt one of these icons in your newly bought profile. Its appearance will depend on your current division and split.

Your Best Place to Buy a League of Legends Diamond Account

Shopping at SmurfStore, you will always get more than expected. You can make your gameplay much more interesting and challenging only by making a purchase here. Have a look at some advantages this store offers:

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Don’t worry if the account you’d like to buy is already verified. You will still be able to re-verify it with your own email. Our support team will help you out if needed.

What About Safety?

The website is using the advanced SSL protocol, while your payments are processed by the PayPal and other payment methods.

Can I Lose My LoL Diamond Account?

You should not get botting-related bans since the store does not sell botted accounts. In case something happens, you’ll get an equivalent for free.

So, have you already chosen your new League of Legends Diamond acc?