Take a Glance at These League of Legends LAS Accounts for Sale!

Have you ever wondered about how long it takes to reach the desired level in League of Legends? Truth be told, it might take quite some time. And it’s hardly something to be excited about.

Thankfully, SmurfStore sells already upgraded accounts for a good price. All that exhausting leveling can be easily skipped once you decide to buy yourself a hand leveled account. Some other person has already done the harder part. You can take advantage of that and dive right into the heat of battle.

Enjoy the Game with Some Latin American Spice

Join the ranks of LoL buffs from South America and engage in captivating contests for glory! Choose and buy your best account by filtering them according to several criteria:

Champion’s role on the battlefield
Presence of rare skins 
Account rankings
Server region

You have a great opportunity to join the League of Legends community on Latin America South server. Show off your gaming skills and get the most out of the game thanks to your newly bought account!

Currently Selected

Available accounts: 21
  • Level 30+ / Fresh MMR
  • Server - Latin America South
  • Champions: 20 - 29
  • Skins: 0 - 35
  • BE: 0 - 20 000
  • RP: 0 - 3 000
  • Warranty included

Anything Special About LoL Latin America South?

The server covers such countries as Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay. It means that you are going to encounter predominantly Spanish-speaking people here. If you’re speaking other language, it might be a good way to learn Spanish!

Would It Be Possible to Transfer My LoL LAS Account to Another Server?

Yes, you will be able to do that. Players can transfer their accounts for a price of 2600 RP or in exchange for special transfer tokens. The latter can be received during certain region-specific events.

Your Best Place to Buy Lol LAS Accounts

Love at first sight — we are hoping these words will come to your mind when thinking about our service. That’s why SmurfStore sells quality products and offers its customers some nice advantages, such as:

Impressive range of hand leveled accs for sale
Live chat support that helps with all your shopping troubles 24/7
Great price
Instant deliveries of the profiles
Advanced data & payment protection

There are both verified and unverified accounts for sale. One thing you should know is that you’ll be able to link any of them to your own email. The support team will help you out if needed.

Can I Be Sure About Safety?

All your data is protected by the SSL protocol when you’re using this website. Payments are processed by the PayPal and other payment methods, so there’s nothing to worry about.

What if I Lose the Account?

If the reason of ban is unrelated to the player side, we will give you a substitute for free. That does not apply in case of cheating, misbehavior, and other toxic actions.

Keep in mind that such scenario is highly unlikely as Smurf Store does not sell botted accounts, so they should not get that kind of attention.

But enough of that. Have you chosen a proper League of Legends LAS account yet? Buy it now!