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According to various statistics, only 5-6% of players belong to the Platinum tier. What does that mean? Well, if you have a Plat armor icon in your profile, it means that the game ranks you higher than 94-95% of all people that play League of Legends. Getting to that tier seems to be a long journey, so you can use a shortcut and buy yourself such account for a good price.

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Some Info About Ranking Matches

Ranking games eligibility is granted when a player has a level 30 (or higher) account and at least 20 champions on it. 

League of Legends Platinum account is going to limit your queue range to summoners from Gold, Platinum, and partly Diamond tiers. 

How Does Platinum Division Armor Look Like?

Thanks to LoL Fandom wiki, you can have a look at the profile icons for each of the Plat tier divisions:

Other players will see these icons in your profile. Their exact appearance depends on the division and split.

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About Customer Safety

All client data is protected by the SSL protocol. Payments are processed by the reliable PayPal and other payment systems.

Is It Possible That I Lose My LoL Platinum Account?

SmurfStore does not sell botted accounts, so it is highly unlikely. However, as soon as there are issues with your account — and they are not related to your own behavior — the store will give you a replacement for free.

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