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Ultra-Rare Season 1 Victorious Jarvan IV Accounts for Sale

Have you ever seen somebody with the Victorious Jarvan IV skin? Given out to top LoL players in 2011, this unique version of the champion is considered an extremely rare and desirable item. As you might know, the in-game store does not sell it and will hardly change this stance on any of the Victorious skins, especially this first one. All you can do is look for accounts with this skin — fortunately, some stores still have them for sale. allows you to browse through tons of hand leveled accounts and buy your best pick for a good price. The store sells many accounts with rare skins, and you can search for Victorious Jarvan and other items using the convenient customize & filter feature, narrowing down the catalogue according to:

Ranking tier
Available rare skins
Server region
Battlefield role

Give it a try and find what you’ve been looking for in no time!

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How to Get Victorious Jarvan IV

This skin was awarded after Season 1 to players ranked Gold and higher. Unfortunately, you cannot get it through Mystery Gifting or Hextech crafting. The only way to obtain it is buying an older account on an online marketplace.

If you want to buy Victorious Jarvan for a reasonable price, try looking for it at! This store cares about its customers and does its best to satisfy their gaming needs.

What Does This Skin Look Like?

Here’s the splash art created by Andrew ‘Silver’ Silver:

And that’s how Victorious Jarvan looks like on the battlefield:

Your teammates will surely appreciate having a player with this rare skin on their side. In his silver armor with golden trim, Jarvan has a truly mighty look! 

Have You Found That Rare Victorious Jarvan Account for sale?

You shouldn’t worry too much if you haven’t found a Victorious Jarvan IV this time. Just come back in a week or so and see if we have any new arrivals. We hope you’ll find what you’re looking for — there are many things that you get when shopping at SmurfStore:

Unbelievable collection of hand leveled account
Affordable price tags
Helpful customer support representatives
Protected customer data and payments
Instant delivery right to your inbox

If your desired item is already verified, don’t worry. You’ll still be able to use your own email address for re-verification.

Is It Safe to Shop Here?

Yes, absolutely. ensures that the connection between the client and the server is protected by using an advanced security certificate, and don’t forget about the payment processor customer protection.

Is It Possible That I Lose My Account?

It’s highly improbable as SmurfStore sells only hand leveled accounts, but if you do stumble upon some kind of issues, just write a message to our customer support and we’ll see what can be done.

If you’ve found Victorious Jarvan IV in stock, be sure to buy it as it’s in a great demand these times!


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