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Guess what happens when you buy League of Legends BR account. First and foremost, you are going to be amazed with this store: it sells and delivers profiles to your email in the most convenient fashion, not to mention their cheap price.

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LoL Brazil: Enjoy the Game on a New Level

It is possible that you have not yet tried to search for quality LoL accounts with our convenient filter feature. In that case, SmurfStore invites you to check out its catalogue and find something worth your attention according to:

Server region
Ranking level (unranked, too)
Rare skins availability
Champion’s role (top, mid, jungle, AD carry)

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Currently Selected

Available accounts: 122
  • Level 30+ / Unranked
  • Server - Brazil
  • Champions: 20 - 29
  • Skins: 0 - 35
  • BE: 0 - 20 000
  • RP: 0 - 3 000
  • Warranty included

Is LoL Brazil Server Any Different from Others?

The main difference lies in the audience, which predominantly speaks Portuguese. If it is your native language or you would like to improve your command of it, it might be an excellent choice to buy an account on this server.

Can I Transfer the Acc to Other Servers Later?

Yes, you can do that in exchange for 2600 RP or special transfer tokens that are given during certain region-specific events. — Cheap Price, Great Service, Many Accounts for Sale

Not only does this store sell quality products, but it also tries to be a role model for other online marketplaces. It must be difficult to come up to its standards. Have a look at some advantages it offers:

Great range of hand leveled accounts with full access for sale

Live chat customer support ready to help you out 24/7

Instant delivery of accounts to your inbox

Enhanced data & payment protection

Friendly pricing policy

Verified or not, you’ll be able to link your own email to the account anyways. Should you have troubles with it, our customer support team will gladly help you out.  

Is It Safe for Me to Make Purchases?

Absolutely. The SSL certificate protects your data while you’re using the website. Each payment you make is processed by the PayPal and other payment methods.

What if I Lose My League of Legends Brazil Account?

First off, nothing should happen to your account as the store sells only not botted accounts. It means that you would not get banned for botting-related reasons.

Should there be any issues that are not related to your in-game behavior, SmurfStore will provide you with a substitute account for free.

And now, how about getting some League of Legends BR account?