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A Wolf in Manatee’s Clothing

Despite Urf being a recurrent April Fool’s Day gag, this version of Warwick tells you that it’s no time for jokes. The champion has always been known as a dreadful beast, and it looks truly gruesome with his new manatee cloak.

You have a unique chance to buy this skin and flaunt it on the battlefield! There are few people who own it, so you are going to become the focus of attention from time to time.

How Much Does Urfwick Cost?

This skin was first introduced for an exorbitant price of 5000 RP. Then it had a lovely 99% discount and was on sale for 50 RP for some time. Finally, it went up to 500 RP before disappearing.

In 2017, Riot offered players a chance to buy Urfwick for 150,000 BE. Summoners with the original skin also got a crowned version of the “costume”.

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How Does Urfwick Skin Look Like?

Here’s the splash art made by Bo Chen:
urfwick image

That’s how this skin looks like on the battlefield:
urfwick skin image

And here’s the variation with a nice little crown:
urfwick account image

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The Question of Safety

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Can I Get Banned?

Since this store does not sell botted accounts, it is highly unlikely. Should something happen, you will get a substitute for free.

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