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Although Medieval Twitch is not considered as one of the rarest skins in League of Legends, there are tons of players that still don’t know how to get it. There’s no wonder in that as they cannot simply go and buy it in the in-game shop: it just doesn’t sell this item. At the same time, they may see other gamers with this skin on the battlefield quite often.

Thankfully, Smurfstore.co is always ready to help with limited access League of Legends items. This platform sells tons of quality hand leveled accounts with reasonable price tags. And to make it even more convenient, there is this new customize & filter feature allowing customers to narrow down the catalogue according to several criteria:

Rare skins presence
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How to Get Medieval Twitch

At the time of release, this skin was awarded to players who had managed to refer a big number of friends, so everyone had a chance to get this item. It was then considered as somewhat rare for some time. But at some point Riot decided to make this skin more easily obtainable, although not completely.

If Medieval Twitch rarity is something that bothers your head, you should know that it’s not that rare anymore. The reason is that every League of Legends player can get it with their first honor capsule. But this skin still attracts lots of attention on the battlefield and thus still remains in great demand.

With SmurfStore, you can find an account having this and other skins and buy it in a few clicks. That would be much easier and faster! Just scroll through the catalogue of League of Legends accounts for sale and you’ll surely find something to your liking!

How Does It Look Like

Here’s the splash art painted by Bo Chen:
medieval twitch skin image

And that’s how this skin looks on the battleground:
medieval twitch rarity splash art image

Your New Favorite League of Legends Store

The price of Medieval Twitch accounts used to be quite high, sometimes hundreds of dollars. But nowadays it is not as rare as previously, especially when you buy on Smurfstore.co. Here’s what you get with this store:

Impressive collection of hand leveled accounts
Moderate prices
Instant delivery right to your inbox
Round-the-clock customer support
Protected data & payments

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Is It Safe to Shop at This Store?

Sure. Customer payments are protected by the reliable payment processor and advanced communications protocol.

Can I Lose My Medieval Twitch Skin?

It is highly unlikely. The store does not sell botted accounts so there’s no reason to ban them. If there are issues, just write a message to our support team.

And now, we encourage you to choose the best Medieval Twitch account and get it for yourself!