Hey, Just Look at These League of Legends Iron Accounts for Sale

As soon as you get a League of Legends Iron account, you make your first step into the cohort of elite summoners. And it doesn’t even matter that somebody else has started this path — it simply saves time. SmurfStore sells such accounts for a good price, so be sure to check them out.

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Buy Yourself an Iron Account in League of Legends!

If you can’t wait to participate in ranked games, Iron acc is going to be your lifesaver. Think about it, there will be no need to spend lots of hours on gaining experience and leveling up. Instead of dabbling with repetitive tasks, you’ll be able to plunge into the high-level game right away.

With SmurfStore’s cheap prices and countless accounts for sale, it will be an easy thing to do.

Taking Part in Ranked Games

Ranked games eligibility is granted when a summoner gets to the level 30 and has at least 20 champs on his or her account. Acquiring an already leveled profile with enough heroes is a convenient shortcut to these games.

Note that Iron-tier summoners can only queue with players from Iron, Bronze, and Silver tiers.

League of Legends Iron Division

Iron tier has four divisions, with each of them featuring their own base armor. The armor is upgraded according to the results in each split.

Fandom LoL Wiki allows us to have a look at division & split icons for the Iron tier:

SmurfStore Sells Top-Notch Iron Accounts

These price tags make it hard to resist the temptation to buy yourself a nice LoL Iron account on your favorite server.  And why resisting, if it is a win-win situation?

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Impressive range of hand leveled accounts for sale
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Each acc can be linked to your own email, even if it is already verified. The support team will tell you how to do it, so be sure to contact them once you have questions.

On Customer Safety

SmurfStore.co is using the advanced SSL protocol to protect client’s data. All payments are processed by PayPal and other payment methods.

Can I Lose My LoL Iron League Acc?

Unlikely. The store does not sell botted accounts, so you shouldn’t get banned for botting-related reasons. Even if something does happen, you will get an equivalent acc for free.

How about getting some League of Legends Iron account right now?