League of Legends Silver Accounts for Sale

Online stores that sell League of Legends Silver accounts provide you with a nice opportunity to skip all uninteresting and sometimes tiresome leveling in favor of ranked games. SmurfStore, in particular, offers great items for a reasonable price. There’s only one thing that keeps you from participating in the current split, and it is a proper acc!

Thankfully, this online platform offers enough quality LoL accounts for sale. And, more importantly, you can find what you want almost instantly thanks to our new customize & filter feature! It allows you to narrow down the search according to:

Server region
Presence of rare skins
Champion’s position on the battlefield
Ranking tiers

Don’t hesitate to try it out! Find a suitable acc, buy it, and make your first step towards the top tiers!

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Become a LoL Silver Tier Summoner Today!

If your starting point is Silver tier, it means that you’ve successfully skipped many hours of exhausting and often repetitive gameplay. On the other hand, you are ready to participate in ranked matches and climb up the ladder.

This website sells you such an opportunity for a modest price. Ranked games await!

In Brief About Ranked Matches

One becomes eligible for ranked games as soon as his or her account reaches 30th level. Oh, yes, and there should be at least 20 champs. Getting such an acc in a store makes things much easier.

Note that Silver-league summoners can queue with Iron, Bronze, Silver, and Gold tiers.

How Does LoL Silver Tier Division Armor Look Like?

There’s a special icon for each of the tier’s divisions. Have a look at this LoL Fandom wiki’s picture:
league of legends silver image

One of these icons is going to be demonstrated in the profile.

Find Your Best League of Legends Silver Account for Sale!

When you buy an acc on SmurfStore.co, you always get more than you may have expected. The thing is that this store knows how to satisfy the needs of its customers: quality service and top-notch items for an affordable price do wonders in that respect.

Have a look at its main advantages:

Great range of hand leveled accounts
Responsive 24/7 live chat customer support
Quick delivery to your email
Reasonable pricing policy
Secure payments & data protection

Don’t get intimidated by the word “verified”: you can link such profiles to your own email without any hassle. The support team will come to help if needed.

Is It Safe to Buy Here?

All your payments are going to be processed by the reliable PayPal and other payment methods. The website is using the SSL protocol to ensure the secure connection between a client and the server.

Can I Lose My LoL Silver Account?

Since the store does not sell botted accounts, botting-related bans shouldn’t even be a thing. But even if something does happen, you will get a replacement acc for free.

Hey, it would be nice to acquire some cool League of Legends Silver account!