How About These League of Legends Supports for Sale?

If you choose to play with League of Legends supports, then you must be a real team player. You always come to help at the right time, and experienced teammates surely appreciate your contribution. And here you are now, at the store that sells top-notch accounts at a good price.

What does that mean? Well, you can take a glance at what’s for sale and quickly find what you’re interested in thanks to our filter feature. Then you will likely decide to buy that account and jump right into the game.

Did we get it right?

How to Become the Backbone of Any Team

In League of Legends, support champions are often regarded as literal lifesavers. If they are good at their job, it’s a winning bid on its own.

Place wards using the common sense, and you’ll provide much needed vision for your team. Healer or shielder? Heal your teammates, mitigate the damage they get, and your team may outlast the opponents. Playing for a catcher? Catch out an enemy at the most propitious moment, and just watch the result with satisfaction. Oh, you are a tank. Lead the team to the battle and engage enemies then.

Currently Selected

Available accounts: 1315
LVL 25-29
  • lvl 25 - 29 / Unranked
  • Server - Europe East
  • Champions: 4 - 50
  • Skins: 0 - 35
  • BE: 0 - 20 000
  • RP: 0 - 3 000
  • Warranty included

LoL Support Tier List

Mobalytics has proposed three tiers: Optimal, Great, and Good. Are they correct in their conclusions? It’s up to you to decide. First, you can have a look at their rankings:
league of legends support image

And this one is for high-ELO support heroes:
lol support tier list image

These rankings have been created after the release of the patch 9.13.

Which Champion Is Recommended by Experts?

According to Agilio Macabasco, that would be Nautilus (Will). Although this hero requires some skill to play with, he can be very powerful against all sorts of AD carries and provide outstanding support for your team.

Best Accounts with LoL Support Champions for Sale

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Is It Safe to Make Purchases Here?

All payments are processed by the PayPal and other payment methods, while the website is using the SSL protocol which ensures more secure connection.

Can I Lose My LoL Support Account?

Since does not sell botted accounts, botting-related bans are highly unlikely. Should something happen, you are going to get another acc for free.

And now, be sure to buy some new League of Legends supports!