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Among the those who play League of Legends, Victorious Morgana still remains one of the most sought-after items. Unfortunately, you cannot just go and get it in the game. But there is still one way to obtain it: you can purchase the account of some other player. is known as one of the best places to buy quality League of Legends items. It has myriads of accounts with rare skins, so you may find Victorious Morgana among them! It is especially easy thanks to our new customize & filter feature that helps you narrow down the search according to:

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How to Get This Skin

Victorious Morgana skins were awarded to players whose ranked rating was Gold or higher at the end of League of Legends Season 4. Naturally, the Riot store does not sell them so they remain exclusive and, for that matter, highly desirable. Unfortunately, it looks like Riot has no plans to make the Victorious series of skins available to broader audience.

Despite what you may read on forums, this version of Morgana cannot be obtained through Mystery Gifting, nor by opening Hextech chests. The only way you can get it now is to find it for sale at some online marketplace and buy it. As you can imagine, Victorious Morgana skin’s price is not very low. 

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How Does This Skin Look Like?

Here’s the splash art created by an unknown artist:
victorious morgana image

And that’s how the in-game model looks like on the battleground:
victorious morgana skin model in game image

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Yes! SmurfStore ensures the protection of connection between the client and the server by using an advanced security certificate and working with the reliable payment processor.

Can I Lose My Victorious Morgana Skin?

It’s extremely unlikely as SmurfStore does not sell botted accounts and there should be no issues with the administration. Should there be any, just write a message to our support team.

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