Just Look at These League of Legends AD Carry Accounts for Sale

If you are one of those summoners who enjoy hitting things hard, League of Legends AD carry is likely your favorite role on the battleground. Although far from being tanky, your champs often become the hammer that strikes the opposing team. Guess what, this store sells quality LoL accounts for a nice price — how about giving it a try?

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Good Positioning Saves Lives… of AD Carries

So, everyone knows how intimidating AD carries can be on the battlefield. Yet they are somewhat squishy, so you should position your champion in a way that saves him from getting too much damage.

The range of attack makes AD carries optimal when it comes to inflicting damage to enemy buildings. They can simply stay outside of enemy zones.

Currently Selected

Available accounts: 1386
  • Level 30+ / Unranked
  • Server - Turkey
  • Champions: 1 - 19
  • Skins: 0 - 35
  • BE: 0 - 6 000
  • RP: 0 - 1 500
  • Warranty included

League of Legends AD Carry Tier List

Mobalytics offers three ranks: Optimal, Great, and Good. It is up to you whether to agree with their rankings or not, but the results are interesting anyways. Just give it a glance:
league of legends ad carry image

And here’s what they got for high-ELO LoL AD Carry list:
lol ad carry tier list image

Keep in mind that these rankings have been formed after the release of the patch 9.13.

Which AD Carry Is the Best in League of Legends?

According to Agilio Macabasco, the most recent patch makes Caitlyn (Hewitt) a preferable pick. She’s got two more AD and is on the rise thanks to a new build and buff.

These items are recommended to buy:

Infinity Edge
Essence Reaver

This way, she will have more mana, CDR, and AD. That will increase her sieging potential and will be a good combination with Caitlyn’s kit. Give it a shot!

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Is This Store Safe?

Yes. Customer safety is ensured by the reliable PayPal, other payment methods and the SSL certificate.

Can I Lose My Account?

Since the store does not sell botted accounts, you won’t get banned for that reason. You will get an equivalent acc in case of some player-unrelated issue.

It may be just the right time to buy some account with your favorite League of Legends AD carry!