Time to Get Yourself a LoL PBE Acc!

You may have wondered whether it’s possible to peek at new content that is going to be introduced in League of Legends… before it is even announced to the public. Guess what, you do have such an opportunity. A little hint: SmurfStore corp. has it for sale, and for an affordable price.

Yes, you’ve guessed it right: the store sells LoL PBE accounts that allow you to participate in a testing environment where new in-game feature get their test drives. You can buy it right here! 

How About a LoL PBE New Account for a Modest Price?

At SmurfStore, you will find countless accounts for sale, including those on PBE server. PBE stands for Public Beta Environment, a testing facility which is open to players. Don’t forget to make use of that handy customize & filter feature in order to find something great!

Have a look at what accounts the store sells, and buy yourself one to take part in something new and exciting!

Currently Selected

Available accounts: 1
  • Level 30+ / Unranked
  • Server - PBE
  • Champions: Random
  • Skins: Random
  • BE: Random
  • RP: Random
  • Warranty included

What Is LoL PBE Account Good For?

Other than something to brag about to your friends, such account opens up the gates to Public Beta Environment where you can explore all sorts of in-game stuff. Actually, it provides a shortcut to: 

New champions 
New skins 
Balance changes 
Various enhancements

Furthermore, you will be able to submit your feedback and thus make your contribution to improving League of Legends. 

What Else Should I Know About the PBE?

Note that you would need to download a separate client for PBE. The server is located in Chicago, so you may face increased ping if your region is far from the USA.

The small server capacity sometimes makes it more difficult to log in. Although it does not happen often — usually around the time when new content is released — you still may wait up to an hour until you are logged in.

Find Some Cool LoL PBE Account for Sale on SmurfStore.co!

This online store makes it possible to get hand leveled LoL profiles for a good price. Even more than that, it strives to provide its customers with a spotless service. Here’s what you get when you buy something on this website:

Incredible selection of LoL accounts
Responsive customer support that works round-the-clock
Quick delivery in a matter of minutes
Solid data & payment protection
Reasonable price

Not only can you get unverified accounts, but there are also verified accs where you still can change the email to your own address. The support team will gladly help you out.

Keep in mind that the store does not sell botted accounts.

Safe Shopping

Rest assured about the safety of your payments: they are processed by the reliable PayPal and other payment systems, while the website is protected by the SSL protocol.

What if I Lose My Acc

Should anything happen to your account, SmurfStore will give you another one for free, provided that the reason is not related to your in-game behavior.

If you’ve already liked some LoL PBE acc, buy it now without hesitation!