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There are extremely rare skins, and there are also skins like Grey Warwick skin. The thing is, they are still considered to be somewhat rare as you cannot just go and buy it; the in-game shop does not sell such items. And you may not want to meet some additional requirements in order to obtain it.

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How to Get Grey Warwick

This skin was first introduced to League of Legends as a reward for referring a few friends. Basically, everyone was able to obtain this skin as soon as they complete this objective. But then Riot decided to change the requirements, disappointing some of the players that had previously got this unique version of the champion.

Let’s get back to the question of Grey Warwick rarity. At the moment, everyone can get this cool-looking skin after they reach honor level 5. The player’s consensus is that this item cannot be considered as ‘rare’ anymore. But maybe one day Riot will make it exclusive again, so you may still want to get it for your collection.

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What Does Grey Warwick Look Like?

Here’s the splash art painted by Mist XG:
grey warwick image

And that’s how this skin looks on the battleground:
grey warwick on the battleground image

This particular skin does not have any additional effects.

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Is It Safe to Make Purchases Here?

Yes, absolutely. Your payments are protected by the payment system and advanced secure sockets layer protocol.

What if I Lose My Grey WW?

In case there are issues, just send a line to SmurfStore support representatives. Remember that the store does not sell botted accounts, so nothing should happen to your account.

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