Behold These Glorious Championship Shyvana Accounts for Sale!

Championship Shyvana is yet another skin introduced to the game during the Season Four World Championship. All League of Legends players had the chance to buy it at that time, and those lucky ones who did it still have this unique version of the champion. But what about new players or those who have changed their accounts since then?

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Are You Ready to Wake the Dragon?

Clad in an impressive set of armor, this version of Shyvana looks just gorgeous. Bluish light emanates from her right arm and diamonds; her particles are also changed and it looks like she’s spewing blue flames. It seems that she is more than ready for a serious battle! 

When becoming a dragon, she retains that metal armor, getting a truly formidable look. In addition, this skin features new sounds and animations, including the blue podium stand before being teleported to the base.

After the Season Four World Championship event, this skin was removed for good. That’s why Championship Shyvana’s price can be quite high, especially when there are more than one rare skin on the gaming account. However, Smurfstore will offer your the best price possible.

What Does LoL Championship Shyvana Look Like?

Here’s Championship Shyvana’s splash art made by Brandon Liao:
championship shyvana image

And that’s how she looks in the game:
championship shyvana for sale in game image

Yes, This Store Has Championship Shyvana for Sale!

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Is It Safe to Buy Championship Shyvana Accounts Here?

Undoubtedly, because the store establishes secure connection which protects customer data while payments are being made via PayPal.

What if I Lose My Account? does not sell botted accounts, so you will not be get banned for the related reasons. That said, should there be any issues with your purchase, just write a line to our support representatives and we’ll see what can be done.

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