How To Download League Of Legends Faster

Despite the development of a huge number of new games of various genres, there are many games that are destined to be popular many years after their appearance. Just remember for yourself a lot of popular games from 2000 - different races, adventures and MMOs. At the end of this decade, a lot of online games were born, where players had the opportunity to play with each other for the first time.
One of the main online game, which in 2008 was promised to become popular, was the League of Legends. The first players came here and did not know what to do, how to play properly and how to act in different situations. Many players did not even know how to download the League of Legends, so they could not play it with their friends and other people.

Developers have been constantly working to improve the quality of their game. If you are curious about how to download the League of Legends, this article will tell you all the facts that you might need.

First League of Legends downloads

During the first months of the game, developers have long tested various processes that could make the game better. A large team of people gave a lot of time and energy for the most successful launch of the project first in Europe, and then around the world. The first version of the game was released in the autumn of 2008. However, not all people could learn how big is League of Legends world. Only players who were previously registered for beta testing could participate in the game process.
In April 2009, when the whole world was carried away by various online games, and also the first major tournaments and professional teams appeared, the developers from the Riot company announced the official release of the largest of the projects in the history of their existence. Until the end of the summer of 2009, several million first LoL downloads were read. Players immediately appreciated the excellent mechanics of the game, because the developers have considered every detail of the whole process.

What about the League of Legends install size?

There are several million new players who comes in this popular online MMO game every year, who are attracted by various colorful updates. This is also created to create an interesting atmosphere, which for many years now allows you to keep old players and professionals.

The first version of the game in 2009 became the main one and for this purpose the following updates were constantly being developed. League of Legends install size was about 2-3 GB, but at that time the speed of connection to the Internet was much lower and players could wait up to 10 hours for a complete installation.
The game was constantly getting better, and developers often please their players with various interesting bonuses and promotions in our time. According to statistics, the largest percentage of players came in 2010-2011, when from the end of last year more than 450% of users came to the game. It is worth paying attention to the professional team of developers who have achieved this result. Due to what they did it?
  • League of Legends became a novelty in the computer games industry
  • Players immediately appreciated the new MMO genre and plunged into the game
  • The development team constantly gives us nice gifts and bonuses
  • In 2009, the graphics from the LoL game had some of the best performance in the world of games

How can I make LoL download as fast as it can be?

The speed of installation of any program is always dependent on the characteristics of the computer. It is important to know that now the League of Legends size is about 13 GB of disc memory. Game developers are constantly making various updates and the size of the game is increasing.
But it is worth noting that this size is a small indicator among other popular games that can weigh up to 70-80 GB of disc memory. In order to understand exactly how much time you need to install this game, you need to know the details of your computer and your connect to the Internet, but you shouldn't worry about how to download league of legends.
The average download speed of the game in Europe is from 2.3 MB / s to 3.5 MB / s. So, to install the program with 13 GB size, we need about 1.5 hours. But do not forget that the speed of connection to the Internet depends not only on your provider, but also on the user of the computer, if you want to do LoL download faster. For example, if you watch a movie during installation, the installation time may increase by 2, and sometimes by 3 times. So if you want to start the game faster, you need to wait a bit.

Developers constantly make League of Legends better

It's no secret that the old players in all popular online games sometimes go away. This may be due to the lack of time that they are willing to spend on the game, as well as problems with connecting to the Internet or other reasons from life. But the worst thing is that some players can just change their favorite games to others. 
This may be due to the lack of updates or an incorrect strategy for developers. So, the administration of the project is constantly making pleasant bonuses for us. What is it?
  • Every few months, developers carry out a global update with the addition of new characters and various skins
  • There are conducted actions for the purchase of game items and currency, which is needed in the game every day
  • Every year, many international tournaments are held on the game in LoL
  • If you call your friends into the game and they get high levels, you get good rewards


Why should everyone try to play the League of Legends?

We are used to ordinary games of different genres, where every day we need to do the same tasks, get the same items and collect them. Sometimes we spend too much time on this. Developers always try to make league of legends download faster. The game is constantly added various exciting updates, where novice players easily get to earn money and experience, and professional players get the opportunity to compete among themselves for great prizes.
To make league of legends interesting, the game has 3 permanent modes, where we can fight other players to get various valuable items. If your team is much stronger, then you do not need a lot of time to win and pick up the prize. If you think that your opponent is as strong as you are, then your fight can last a long time, and you will need the right strategy and understanding with your team to win. So why not to start LoL download right now?
Also there are always limited events in the game where each player can get something useful - items, heroes and experience points. For example, each winter developers give their players a lot of different gifts that any collector or beginner will like. Download League of Legends now and be sure about it.

So, once you should try to play it. Here every player will find an interesting action for himself - you can contact with other people, create a team or conquer this fantastic world by yourself. Do not think about the League of Legends install size - you should like it.

How to save my time while downloading League of Legends?

We already know that the speed of downloading the game depends on the speed of the connection to the Internet, from the processes that occur in the computer and from the various details that are installed there. You can save time, if you will not use the internet on any of your gadgets while downloading League of Legends. This will allow your computer to work faster, and soon you will be able to immediately start the exciting battles. Also you can save your time and start playing now if you buy account from our store 
If you do not want to spend a lot of time, we recommend you to look at the various guides for a successful start in the game or read the instructions for beginners that are on the official website and other forums for players before League of Legends download starts. Remember that every professional gamer was a beginner player and also did not know anything, but the main detail in the process of getting your success is patience.

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