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No matter if you are a soccer fan or not, you would probably like to have Goalkeeper Blitzcrank skin in your personal collection. It was introduced to the game almost 10 years ago and there are few League of Legends players who can boast of having it. And there’s no wonder as there’s no way you can buy it in the game, at least at the moment.

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Is It Possible to Get a Goalkeeper Blitzcrank Code?

This unique skin for Blitzcrank was obtainable during 2010 World Soccer Cup and several other events. Now, it’s part of so-called legacy skins; you just cannot simply get in the game anymore.

If someone is trying to sell a code that can allegedly be redeemed for a skin like this, you should understand that this person most likely is a scammer. Don’t trust strangers in the Internet as you can lost your money.

There are many well-known online stores that sell LoL accounts. They value their good reputation and won’t make you buy a pig in a poke. may offer accounts with Goalkeeper Blitzcrank for an affordable price, so have a look at its catalogue and see if it’s available.

Apart from that, there have been reports from League of Legends players about getting this skin from chests and through Mystery Gifting. 

What Does the Skin Look Like?

With this skin, Blitzcrank gets a neat white number 8 jersey with a name “Blitzy” on it. It actually looks quite fresh and attracts everyone’s attention when appearing on the battleground. 

Here’s Goalkeeper Blitzcrank’s splash art made by an unknown artist:
goalkeeper blitzcrank image

And that’s how the golem looks in the game:
lol goalkeeper blitzcrank in game image

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Is This Store Safe?

Yes, we are using an advanced technology to protect the connection between the server and the client. 

What if I Lose My Goalkeeper Blitz?

Should there be any kind of issues, send a message to SmurfStore support representatives. That said, everything should be alright as the store does not sell botted accounts.

And if there’s nothing to worry about, you can go and buy yourself a new account with Goalkeeper Blitzcrank.