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Ever Wondered How They Play LoL Down Under?

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Currently Selected

Available accounts: 20
LVL 20-24
  • lvl 20 - 24 / Unranked
  • Server - Oceania
  • Champions: 2 - 50
  • Skins: 0 - 35
  • BE: 0 - 20 000
  • RP: 0 - 3 000
  • Warranty included

Is League of Legends Oceania Server Any Different?

This server has predominantly Australian and New Zealand audience, so you are likely to hear English language most of the time. You might also notice some more relaxed atmosphere while gaming… when the battle is not too tight.

Can I Transfer My LoL Oceania Account to Another Server?

It is possible to change the server, although it costs 2600 RP. You can also get a special transfer token during some region-specific events.

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Can I lose My Account?

SmurfStore does not sell botted accounts. You can rest assured that your profile won’t be banned for botting or using third party for leveling. If account does get banned for some reason that is not player-related, you will get a substitute for free. 

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