Fantastic & Affordable UFO Corki Accounts for Sale

You can be sure that players will be freaking out when they see your stylish UFO Corki skin on the battlefield. Not simply because they just faced a UFO, no. The thing is in the skin itself: it has been absent from the in-game store for a long, long time. Thankfully, there are online stores ready to sell accounts with this skin for a modest price. 

And you can buy one at! The platform makes it incredibly easy and convenient with its new customize & filter feature. From now on, you can filter accounts for sale according to several criteria, such as:

Ranking tier (or unranked)
Champion’s position in the game
Server region
Rare skins availability

Don’t miss this opportunity to get a top-notch account with your favourite champion!

Currently Selected

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Available accounts: 155
  • lvl 1 - 29 / Unranked
  • Server - Europe East
  • Champions: 1 - 19
  • Skins: 1 - 35 (UFO Corki)
  • BE: 0 - 6 000
  • RP: 0 - 1 500
  • Warranty included

Catch Your Opponents Unawares, Just Like That!

There are actually quite a lot of people who have a thing for unidentified flying objects. Are you one of them? Regardless of the answer, you will likely find this uncommon garment quite suitable for Corki. It looks like his chopper could use some upgrades…

It also goes without saying that this skin allows you to distinguish yourself in the game. There is only a small percentage of League of Legends players that possess this unique item, so it might be really something to brag about.

What About UFO Corki Rarity?

After League of Legends had won a few reader’s choice awards, Riot decided to introduce a new skin as a gift for players whose accounts had been created before January 14th, 2010. It’s been unavailable to other summoners since then, except for a small chance to get it from Mystery boxes.

It’s much easier to find a store that sells accounts with this skin. The UFO Corki price is considered to be quite low even now — you can often buy it for a song.

How Does UFO Corki Look Like?

There is a splash art made by unknown artist:
ufo corki rarity image

And that’s how this skin looks like in the game:
ufo corki skin image

Get Yourself an Account with UFO Corki Skin

SmurfStore has tons of uncommon skins for sale, including this one. Don’t hesitate to browse through the catalogue and have a look at cool LoL items! Shopping on this platform, you automatically get access to its advantages:

Wide range of hand leveled accounts
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Note that verified accounts can still be linked to your own email after you purchase them. Be sure to contact our support team if you have more questions. 

Is It Safe to Make Purchases Here?

Absolutely. The store ensures the protection of customer data by using the SSL protocol while payments are processed by the PayPal and other payment methods.

Cal I Lose My Acc?

Since SmurfStore does not sell botted accounts, it is highly unlikely. You will get an equivalent for free if something happens to your account. 

So what do you think, is UFO Corki rare enough for you to buy it?