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Although Lollipoppy is not the rarest skin in League of Legends, it is still not that easy to obtain it. The in-game store does not sell it, so you would need to wait for a special occasion in order to have a chance of getting it. Thankfully, you still can find an acc that features this skin with a nice price tag.

SmurfStore makes LoL shopping easier and more convenient. With its new feature, you can customize & filter the accounts for sale so that you find exactly what you’re looking for. You can do that according to several criteria:

Champion’s position on the battlefield
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With a new LoL profile, you can drastically improve your gaming experience and get the most fun out of the game!

Arm Yourself with a Chocolate Shield and Lollipop Hammer

Do you like ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’? If yes, you’ll like the Lollipoppy skin even more, because it is actually a reference to this movie. Pay attention to the Poppy’s costume and gloves, and you may find them strangely similar to the ones Oompa Loompas are wearing in the film... 

Lollipoppy is going to make your battles much more fun and slightly crazier. And yeah, it will surely attract lots of attention, so be ready for that.

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How to Get a Lollipoppy Account?

The skin was first released in 2010 as a part of so-called Harrowing skins, and it has been reappearing for sale from time to time. If you are not that eager to wait for the grass to grow, you can simply buy yourself an account that already has it. 

SmurfStore will gladly sell it to you. Don’t hesitate to acquire a new appearance for your favorite character!

How Does Lollipoppy Look Like in LoL?

Here’s the splash art made by unknown artist:
lollipoppy skin image

And that’s her in-game model:
lol lollipoppy image

Your Best Place to Buy a LoL Lollipoppy Account

If you’re eager to get this acc for a good price, there’s hardly any other marketplace that will serve you better. SmurfStore is going to exceed all your customer expectations with its excellent service. Just have a look at its advantages:

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Even though some profiles are already verified, you still be able to re-verify any of them with your own email. Don’t hesitate to contact our customer support once you have questions.

Is It Safe to Buy Here?

Absolutely. All your payments are processed by the reliable PayPal and other payment methods, while the website is using the SSL protocol to ensure customer safety.

What If I Lose My League of Legends Lollipoppy?

SmurfStore will simply give you an equivalent acc for free. Note that the store does not sell botted accs, so you should not get banned for that reason.

How about getting some quality Lollipoppy acc right now?