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As of today, LoL Grandmaster is the second highest tier a summoner can climb up to. No wonder that it’s not that easy to find a store that sells such accounts for a reasonable price. Thankfully, you are already on We will help you save yourself from unnecessary trouble of leveling up and farming LP over and over again.

All the accounts that are for sale on this website can be filtered thanks to our new customization feature. It allows you to narrow down the search according to:

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The Company of Elite Players Awaits!

This rank has been only recently introduced to the game in order to make the ranking more accurate. One must go to great lengths in order to deserve the this title. 

Alongside with Master and Challenger, there is one and only LoL Grandmaster division. Summoners of this tier are going to queue with Diamond I, Master, Grandmaster, and Challenger players.

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How Many Players of LoL Grandmaster Rank Are There?

In this tier, there are fixed numbers of players which are actually different from server to server:

North America, Europe West — 700
Europe Nordic & East, Brazil, Turkey, LA North, LA South — 500
Oceania, Japan, Russia — 100

This is your chance to buy yourself an account and become one of these players in one of the regions.

What Does LoL Grandmaster Border & Armor Look Like?

LoL Fandom wiki allows us to take a glance at the armor icons:
lol grandmaster border image

And that’s how Grandmaster frame LoL looks like:
grandmaster frame lol image

You will be able to flaunt these if you find yourself a nice account for sale. 

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Remember that if you see a verified account, it implies that you will still be able to re-verify this acc with your own email

It It Safe to Buy Here?

It is. The SSL protocol ensures the protected connection between a client and the server. All the payments are processed by the PayPal and other payment methods.

Is It Possible That I Lose My Acc?

Hardly, because the store does not sell botted accounts. Should something happen, you will get a replacement acc for free, if the ban is not related to your in-game behavior.

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