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Is it even a good idea to buy a League of Legends Gold account instead of leveling it up on your own? Well, it’s only up to you. Consider how much time would be spent on upgrading though. You might find some other uses for all those hours. Especially when there is a store that sells such accounts for a modest price. You can dive into the heat of ranked games right away!

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Join the Cohort of League of Legends Gold Tier Summoners

Comparing to lower tiers, the Gold one is something to be reckoned with. Battles are less chaotic and teamplay is much improved. You can jump right to this tier instead of leveling up your acc on your own.

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A Few Words About Ranking Games

Every summoner can take part in ranked games, provided that he or she meets two criteria:

The account must be level 30 or higher.
There must be at least 20 champions on the account.

Remember that League of Legends Gold rank limits those you can queue with to players from Silver, Gold, and Platinum tiers only.

How Does LoL Gold Division Armor Look Like?

Each division makes the armor look more imposing. LoL Fandom wiki provides us with the following pictures:
lol gold image

Icons will be demonstrated in player’s profile, changing each other in accordance with the division and split.

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Is It Safe to Buy Items in This Store?

Yes, the website is using the SSL protocol to ensure the safety of client’s data. All payments are processed by the reliable PayPal and other payment methods.

What If I Lose My LoL Gold Account?

The website will give you a replacement for free, simple as that. Note, however, that this store does not sell botted accounts. You shouldn’t get banned for botting-related reasons.

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