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LoL Japan Accounts for Sale — Just Look at These Price Tags!

If you even encounter an old samurai, he might tell you that it is better to find a nice LoL Japan account for sale with a good price and buy it than spend your precious time on those repetitive tasks to gain some more experience.

But you surely already know it. You might know a shore that sells such accounts as well. And that means you definitely know what’s your next step is going to be.

Time to See How They Play League of Legends in Japan!

In 2016, Japanese players got yet another reason to like the game: Riot allocated a separate server for League of Legends in Japan. Since then, this region has been known as home for a great community of gamers from the land of the rising sun. 

This store sells the accounts that will allow you to join this community! Find yourself one and buy it for a modest price — it has never been so easy to choose a nice account for sale, as you can filter the items according to:

Champion roles
Rank distribution system
Availability of rare skins

Try it out and jump right into the heat of the battle!

Currently Selected

Available accounts: 2

What’s Special About LoL Japanese Server?

Well, tons of kanji, hiragana, and katakana characters will probably be the first thing you notice when entering the game. No wonder that you will play with predominantly Japanese-speaking players. It must be a great way to improve your skills, provided that it’s not your native language!

Will I Be Able to Move to Other Server?

Yes, it costs either 2600 RP or a special transfer token that’s given during certain in-game events. 

SmurfStore Sells Only Coolest League of Legends JP Accounts!

Have you ever tried to buy a gaming account online? If not, this store is an excellent choice for a first-time experience. Here are some of its advantages:

Outstanding collection of hand leveled accounts for sale
Instant delivery right to your inbox
Amiable 24/7 customer support via live chat
Great price
Protected data & payments

There are both verified and unverified accounts — and you will be able to verify them with your own email no matter what. The support team will assist you if needed.

Keep in mind that SmurfStore sells not botted accounts only.

Is It Safe?

The store cares about customer safety: payments are processed through the reliable PayPal, other payment methods and the communication between a client and the server is protected by the SSL protocol.

Can I Lose My Lol JP Account?

Hardly. Even if something happens to your acc — and it is not your own behavior — the store will give you a substitute for free. 

So, how about getting yourself a LoL Japan account right now?