How to make you a better lol player?

To play League of Legends you should have a lot of skills and knowledge. A proficient player should know what cooldown is, how big damage of the abilities is, and what items characteristics do you need. All the champions are different, so there is no universal guide or list of the skills you have to develop to become a professional. But this article will try to appoint the most important things, about how to make you a better lol player. This guide can be used of all kinds of players. It is applicable to all of the champions, but only gamers with high motivation will be able to get real benefit from it. It is also important to memorize the crucial point, which will help you to improve. No one can say unambiguously how to play LoL right, but we know some tips, which can be helpful in the way of discovering it. Of course, all the players are different. Their chars have different abilities, potential and people themselves have a different experience in PvE and PvP or MOBA. But starting with different tools you can really end up on the same level with professionals. In LoL requiring a lot of knowledge and experience means that you move to the higher levels.

Invest to become a better player in League of Legends

High motivation to become a better player goes along with investments. And this word has several meanings. First of all, it is an investment of your time and efforts, and of course, the material investments would be good.

  • Your gaming space. A modern computer and comfortable mouth with extra buttons will not make you a player of a diamond league, but they can make the game more comfortable. Together with a right computer chair, it can be a professional playing station. Not the most important things, but the best sportsmen have the best equipment.
  • Your personal effort. The second investment is even more important. You cannot be a professional without practice. The old proverb “practice makes perfect” also works in the world of online games. You cannot get better, playing 3 games a week or a couple of hours at the weekend. Thinking about any professional sportsmen it is easy to imagine, how much time they spend training.
According to the statistics, 90% of the LoL players are below the Platinum rank. It is really easy to achieve this level. But to go further you will have to spend much more time in the game, learn more and work on your skills more. Not everyone is ready to do it. Professional players say, that to achieve high results you should stop thinking of League of Legends as of a game. Start to take it seriously, and maybe even go to a daily routine. Considering it as a discipline or a cybersport will help to organize yourself and develop the skills.

Focus to get better at league

Focusing is not really about the ARAM games, where you can have fun and relax. It is more about ranked games, where you can learn. If you are really going to improve your game, it is better to pay a lot of attention to the better players. It’s a high time to concentrate. Concentration will not only help to mention tactics of more experienced players but also give an opportunity to show yourself in the better light. Concentrating you will be able to play correctly, according to your real potential. Turning back to the sports metaphor imagine a football player, who stops at the field to speak on the phone. Cybersport is also a sport, and the professional player would never let to interrupt him during a game.

Playing League of Legends don’t forget about self-questioning

Blaming others for each lost game is not the best tactic if you want to improve your game skills. How can you study something new without realizing own mistakes? Before blaming other players everyone should analyze own playing and ask “what could I have been doing in other way or better”. Questioning can help to see the points, where you have problems, and a habit to analyze games can show a way to move further. The most useful questions are “how can I be sure that this move works well?” and “how to prevent …?”


Critical thinking works well

If you want to know how to really improve at League of Legends – open yourself to the new information. Open-mindedness can help you to get a useful information and bits of advice for free without endless internet surfing. Just don’t take everything close to heart and don’t react aggressively. Maybe someone can give a potentially important information. It is always better to listen to everyone – both weak and strong, without any prejudices or personal opinion toward someone. The critical approach will help to get something useful even from the most arrogant players. From the other side, it is important not to be naïve and trust everything you hear from the others. It is also about the critical thinking. Remember, that almost everything you read on the internet or in the game chat is just a flow of personal opinions – it is not necessarily trustworthy. Discover your own way through the jungles of information and don’t let others impose you their opinions.

Play League of Legends against better players to become more proficient

Don’t stop on the Bronze in ranked games, if you have started it. Of course, it could be scary to play against more professional opponents, but sometimes it is the only way to become better. Practice against professionals as much as it is possible. Victory brings much more pleasure, but honestly, it gives low profit. A close game which results in a victory or even defeats can contribute much more to your skills.

Playing with a friend benefits as well

A great tip in LoL is playing with friends. The game gives a possibility to form a pair or even the whole team from the people you know. It can help you to play in the ranked games. Playing with a friend itself cannot improve your skills, but it can comfort you in the ranked games, especially if you feel uncomfortable playing with a lot of people more professional, than you. Get support from a friend or even several friends, and form a team of players, with whom you can achieve new goals.

Practical ways to get better at League of Legends

After studying a theoretical part you should pay attention to the practical information. Study the skills of your favorite champion in a proper way, read builds and guides, watch streams and championships. It will help to understand how to apply the information you’ve got. But before trying to apply new knowledge:

  • Learn the meta. Meta means “the most effective tactic available”. In other words, it is the most advantageous strategy used by top players. Remember, that it can be changed, moreover, every patch changes some game items. They can become weaker or stronger – in the gaming world it is important to get up-to-date information on time. Check the latest match results of the top players and try to notice, which meta they are using.
  • Read more guides. You can find endless guides on the internet. Some of them are general, and some – specified at the champions, maps or tactics. Each guide can contain some useful information or tips you can try to use. Don’t forget to think over the information critically, but try always to search for something new.

Skill ladder in the League of Legends

If your question is “how to improve yourself as a League of Legends player” – the answer can be: every player should remember his skill score and know, how important it is. This number shows the average of all the skills. On a scale it differs from 0 to 100 (what means as much close to perfect as possible). The difference among levels seems to be less from rank to rank, but it is not really so. It is also getting harder to higher your skill level, so the game has a well-balanced system of ranking:

  • Bronze begins with 0 (if it exists) and lasts till 50.
  • 51 – 75 is Silver
  • 76 – 87 – Gold
  • 88 – 94 – Platinum
  • 94 – 96 – Diamond
  • 97 – 98 – Master
  • 99 – 100 – Challenger
Master and challenger levels don’t have divisions. These players are considered to be the best. In general, it should be a goal of every ambitious player to get to these leagues, because they are truly legendary.

A recipe of being great

No one can say unambiguously how to get better at LoL. Of course, there are some tips you can use and some information you have to know, but it cannot guarantee, that you will become a professional player. The only thing everyone should remember is that the game should be pleasant for you. If you feel pleasure playing League of Legends, join us at and you will improve your skills for sure. The only thing is to find the own champion, role in the team and a way to develop. Focus on the things you don’t really understand and on the things you love about this game to become a pro LoL player.

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