The Best Junglers in LOL Season 7

Each champion in League of Legends has his own role. All these roles foresee the choice of the exact line. But there is one role, which covers all the location and is the most difficult and responsible, this role is League of Legends jungle. Not every champion is suitable for the role of jungler. The goal of the jungler is to attack the opponents suddenly. He starts a game, going to the forest and fighting with monsters. In addition,he can attack enemies any time. The main advantage of the jungler is his suddenness and extra buffs. The jungler is able from the very beginning of the game to give more advantages to his team in the battle, and this way to increase chances to win. Junglers like support champions use totems and provide a control of the key points at the map. You should start playing as a jungler only after trying the other roles and getting their weak and strong points. A Role of Best Jungle Champions and Benefits of the Top Junglers Season 7.

Sometimes, beginners ask a question why are junglers needed in League of Legends? The main reason of choosing the jungler is increasing experience and team gold. If a team has a jungler it could lead to having at the upper line one character instead of two. This character will get more experience and he will get an opportunity to kill all minions at the line. It’s possible that this character will have an enemy, because an opponent team can also have a jungler. To make things clear, let’s have a look at the first wave of minions. After killing all the minions at three lines, a team gets approximately 333 of the gold, if this amount of gold is divided into 4 characters, not 5, each character will get more gold. The jungler can get 441 gold if he killed all needed monsters at the forest (excluding Dragon, Crab and Baron). A jungler can also have a lot of tasks, such as supporting all the lines and watching all the control points.

Fighting of Top Junglers and Neutral Monsters in Any Conditions

Forest monsters are different at any maps, but the main map is Summoner’s Rift. There are all major battles and championships at it. Neutral forest monsters are varying from minions at the line. Neutral always stand at exact places and don’t start fighting. During the battle the level of forest monsters grows and becomes equal to the medium level of champions. If you kill some of neutral monsters they will respawn and will have increased characteristics of health and attack. If you kill neutrals, which level is lower than yours, you get less experience. When you start attacking the monsters, they start fighting with you, but if you leave the camp and will go somewhere, monsters won’t follow you and return to their respawning point. In this case their health starts restoring.

Getting the camp, monsters will go towards you if you don’t change your position. If you are not alone attack the neutrals, they will periodically change the goal and attack different champions (those ones who are closer). If your team helps you, you need to remember that after changing an opponent, a neutral monster will have a patience rank above the head. If the rank is full, the neutral will stop attacking and go to the camp for restoring his health. The neutral all the time tries to attack a champion, which is closest to him. Each camp of neutral monsters has own respawn time. If you became a witness of how the last monster dies you can check the time of the camp respawning, clicking a button “Tab”

Best Junglers in League of Legends for Season 7 and Their Features

Jungle tier for League’s season 7 or lol best junglers are champions who have the best set of characteristics and skills, they are chosen by players all the time. So, let’s have a look at best junglers list:

The first one of the best junglers for season 7 is Rengar

  • The main skill of this jungler is savagery. When Rengar uses this skill, he makes two fast kicks and it’s important to be very close to the opponent to be able to make two kicks.
  • Battle Roar is a protection skill, which increases a survival rate if it’s used properly. In the beginning of the game, this skill will help to kill monsters in the forest, because it allows restoring the part of health.
  • Bola Strike. This skill is considered to be very powerful. It can control an opponent and kill escaping enemies. A special feature is a possibility to slow down an enemy in the beginning of the fight.
  • Thrill of the Hunt. It’s a mask, but you become visible when you come too close to the opponent.


  • His feature is damaging the opponent without faults.
  • If he is damaged, he can cure himself.
  • Can become invisible for a second. In some cases it can be very helpful.
  • His main feature is evolution. He can upgrade his skills.


  • Monkey’s Agility. Udyr can get 3 stacks and receive 15 points to the travel speed and 30% to the attack rate.
  • Tiger Stance. It allows damaging more with help of attacks.
  • Turtle Stance. This skill gives vampirism and after activation provides with a protection. The constant using of the protection gives Udyr a great survival rate.
  • Bear Stance increases the travel speed.

One of the best junglers list is Xin Zhao

  • Determination allows damaging more and restore health after each third kick.
  • Three Talon Strike is a skill of combining several positive factors. Firstly, it increases damage of the next three attacks. Secondly, the last kick throws an opponent up.
  • Wind Becomes Lightning. Thanks to this skill, Xin Zhao is able to damage well and to slow opponents down.
  • Audacious Charge is one of key skills. It can slow the whole group down and gives a good bonus to the speed rate.

Lee Sin

  • Flurry can help to make two kicks fast.
  • Sonic Wave is one of the main skills of Lee Sin. It can damage an opponent from the distance.
  • Safeguard is a skill, which allows Lee Sin to protect himself. In addition, the skill provide with a good mobility. After the repeated activation Lee Sin gets an opportunity to restore his health.
  • Tempest damages an opponent well and can slow down several opponents.
  • Dragon’s Rage is a skill, which allows throwing up several opponents.


  • Umbra Blades allows damaging several opponents and restore the health.
  • Duskbringer allows damaging several opponents and increasing a speed rate.
  • Shroud of Darkness. Nocturne can prevent damage with help of protection and at the same time can increase a speed rate.


  • Stone Skin increases the protection of Wukong.
  • Crushing Blow is the main skill; it damages opponents well and decreases the protection of the goal.
  • Decoy. Thanks to this skill, Wukong can hide from the opponents with help of fire.

The list wouldn‘t be full without Amumu

  • Cursed Touch increases all attacks of Amumu.
  • Bandage Toss can help to reduce a distance to be able get the opponent suddenly.
  • Despair is a skill to damage opponents with a good health rate.

One more from the best junglers list is Nunu

  • Consume. A good health and travel speed.
  • Blood Boil. A good attack rate and travel speed.
  • Ice Blast. Thanks to this skill Nunu is able to slow opponents down and damage them well.

The game couldn’t be so fascinating without this best jungle champion, named Nautilus

  • Staggering Blow provides with extra control.
  • Titan’s Wrath this skill gives both protection and health.
  • Riptide is the main attacking skill. After activation there are three waves around Nautilus, which damage in turns the opponents.

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