Tips how to play ranked games in League of Legends

Playing League of Legends, you would prefer to win as no one wants to lose. To do so, you need to acquire certain experience and skills which will help you to achieve your goal. In normal games, it is a way difficult as the level of players is different there. You can’t learn anything from those who are weaker than you. Easy victories will flatter your self-esteem but won’t be constructive for your experience. Similarly, if your rivals are much stronger than you, it will be too difficult for you to compete with them.

When you play ranked games in LoL, you should remember that the competition will be harsh and it won’t be easy to win. However, you will be on the right track to achieve certain results. Perhaps, the toxicity of the game is higher when losing people are too emotional and can’t control themselves properly. The more difficult the game is, correspondingly, the higher is the toxicity. Yet, it is still worth that. Besides, you may always switch to the ping system from the chat or just use the mute button if the chat becomes too annoying.

Some people advise to wait for a year or two or until they have at least 600 wins or so. This is individual as you can always try. There are gamers who do regret not trying earlier as they would have gold instead of silver or bronze when others achieved better positions simply because they started earlier. So why not?

When should you start playing ranked games?

There is no unanimous opinion. Some want to try once they get to level 30 which might be way too early.
But don’t be afraid to switch to ranked matches or the draft mode as soon as you have at least 14 champions counting free champs of the week as well. That implies you have enough skills for that - so be ready to improve. 

For ranked games in LoL, it will be also important to have more than two rune pages and champions which fit your game strategy and style. For this, you need to realize what are your champions’ strong sides and weaknesses and to make the best of the situation. You need to be able to ward and to scrutinise maps. You should be prepared that the things won’t go smooth and as you expect all the time. Sometimes your strategies will fail. That does happen and that’s normal. You have to be flexible. A quick response to a suddenly changing environment will be crucial on the way to your victory.

If you fail in an array of champs for some time it may be too much. The best thing to do will be to shift to the normal mode to practice a little. Once you refine your skills you may return to ranked as well. Also, it maybe just not your day. So if you lose several games in a row, take a break and calm down instead of getting frustrated. Numerous losses might be destroying, so be wise and try other tactics some other day.

Reasons Why You Should Play Ranked in League of Legends

Ranked matches can be a challenge but they give you certain advantages once you make up your mind to embrace them. Even when you lose, you still can gain. The participation in such games grants you a certain status, experience, and authority. 
So, what can you achieve by playing this new and more serious stage? Consider the horizons of opportunities  you will open for yourself with that:

  • Improve your knowledge – the game level is higher, it means you can get to know  a lot of useful things learning from your mistakes and losses. Take up the challenge and don’t be afraid to fall. Be persistent in achieving your objectives and you will succeed by all means sooner or later. If you play with gamers who are a bit more skilled than you are, it gives you a perfect chance to progress.
  • Get rid of annoying trolls – good news that there are fewer chances you meet them in ranked games in League of Legends because people playing here are more focused on the fights and not trolling.
  • Encounter a more serious attitude and be ready to put more effort yourself – learning is hard but after acquiring the necessary skills you will enjoy your wins. It will be rewarding and you will realize that a hard way to win gives you sweeter sensations when you get to the final.
  • Prove your skills with your rank – it is no good to boast but if you want to show off when you really deserve that, to be in the ranked match is the best option. This is the case when a situation speaks louder than words. Nobody gets ranked for nothing so it means quite a lot if you are thus selected.
  • Boost up your personal qualities – Teach yourself persistence and learn to be committed to your goals and achieve them. Try hard and you will climb to the top of the mountain step by step.
  • You need changes from time to time – normal queues in comparison to ranked matches are more for fun but if you play the same level all the time it may become pretty boring.

  • Meet people who are more committed to the game – you may learn useful things from them. The higher the level is, the more complicated are the objectives. Yet, after proper training, you will win sooner or later and become more advanced in the game.
  • Enhance your self-esteem with the higher game level – you become one of the professional players, the scale becomes different – more intricate and complicated but that’s an interesting challenge.
  • You win the time – while you might be hesitating if you are competitive enough to play ranked, others are gaining silver and gold already. That could be you. Even the longest trip starts with small steps if you have the guts to handle failures and improve yourself. Definitely, you will get better at LoL with each fight.
  • You can estimate your current level – playing with stronger and more serious opponents you can see where you are at present and realize what features you need to train more to do more successfully. 

League of Legends Ranked Matches: how to succeed

Yes, League of Legends by playing in ranked matches is not easy. Your mindset should be tuned in the correct way for that.  It may be scary and frustrating to lose. Especially, when you feel that you let your teammates down. Nevertheless, don’t concentrate on negative sensations but rather analyze and take what your mistakes may teach you.

You should never be tired to educate yourself reading information on the internet, watching video guides. There are many people willing to share their positive experience and you just have to pick up and borrow their ideas and adjust them to your own strategy. Of course, you are always more than welcome to bring in something new from SmurfStore.

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