The Fastest Way to Level 30 in LoL 

Suppose, you have just joined the League community after playing other MOBAs like Dota and Smite and want to play with the pro players. The ranked games are the funniest to play but only the players with 30-leveled champs can join this kind of fun. Getting to level 30 in League of Legends may seem a difficult task because usually demands not a day or two of constant matches with the high winning ratio.

The reasons to reach level 30 in League of Legends

As you already know, the League champs can be leveled up to level 30. Many gamers intend to pump up the maximum account with minimal efforts. This threshold is rather complicated to achieve on your own, without an experienced teammates supporting you in the game. And many players just need smurf account in LoL. Smurfs are training accounts for testing the new tactics and skills of different champs apart from the major account. Imagine how much time a player needs to spend if he or she wants to level up 3-4 smurf accounts at the same time. Especially, it is impossible if you are training for some championships.

How much time a LoL player spends to level up fast in League of Legends?

An average player in LoL usually simply have no time to level up a few accounts, even if the game occupies most of his lifetime. The leveling up depends on such parameters:

  • how many LoL matches are played throughout the day;
  • how many of these matches are winning (experience points are given only for winning games);
  • games with bots and normal players;
  • are you applying the official LoL EXP boosters;
  • are you buying and using the winning boosters for LoL RP.

Just for the record, on average a single LoL player spends about 21,3K summoner’s experienced to get to the level 30. To get to this threshold an average player (not a newbie) may spend about 150 hours – one bot game will deliver only 90 EXP after 20 minutes of constant play without a pause, otherwise. A newcomer can even spend 200 hours of his gaming time to level up a single champ. Surely, leveling smurfs due to the statistics may take up a few hundreds of gaming hours – it is not one of the fastest ways to level 30, for sure. No wonder that League players are eager to learn the tricks and methods of how to raise level 30 up in a day or two, instead of wasting multiple hours for this rather boring gaming routine.

Ways of getting to level 30 in League of Legends fast:

  • buy experience boosters for wins. Such boosters are great bonuses for those players who want to receive more IP for their winning matches in LoL. Many players choose the value booster that gives more IP points for 50 wins (its price may vary from 10 USD and cost about 1K of Riot points);
  • buy experienced boosters for duration. The other way to use official boosters is purchasing the so-called duration EXP boosts for a limited number of matches, no matter if you win or lose. In this case, you will get the IP points no matter if you lost or won the match. The best booster for a new player will cost about 5 USD per 7 days (around 500 RP). This is the fastest way to level up in League on your own;
  • playing only bot games. It is practically impossible to lose if you are playing against bots, but Riot Games give you less IP for winning such matches so you may spend even more than 100 hours for leveling up. Some players claim that they need to spend up 150 hours in such mode;
  • How to level up fast in LoL? Definitely not by playing regular PvP matches against other players. Such wins will deliver the most natural reward than bot games. But you need to win every second match in order to raise the level 30. It may take up to 250 normal games with 125 wins to reach this threshold.


What is the total cost to reach level 30?

Let’s do the simple math. Applying the figures mentioned above, we can calculate the average cost of your time required for leveling up in LoL:

  • 100 hours of constant gaming time (without spending money or using smurfs);
  • about 40 USD for buying Riot Points and (approximately 20 USD for win boosters and 10 USD for duration boosters).

If you are ready to reach level 30 in League of Legends by doing a small investment, it is understandable. In fact, many players instead of using boosters and spending many hours prefer purchasing the smurf accounts with already leveled up champs. A single smurf account may cost you about 20 USD and it is a cheaper and faster way of leveling up than using only RP boosters. Another bonus is that this account remains with you forever (especially if it has been bought from the trusted website). The lifetime warranty is the obligatory requirement for LoL smurfs.

Tips for the players who need to level up fast in League of Legends:

  • to win all of your matches at the lowest levels you need to aim for bot games because playing with “normal” gamers can be rather exhausting and with lots of losses. You see, many experienced players who are trolls or just experienced gamers logged in under smurf accounts like to win over newcomers and you don’t want to be on the losing side;
  • buy time boosters for RP, you need to pay up to 100$ per 15K Riot Points. Such booster may increase the amount of experience points (IP) received after the winning match. There are much cheaper boosters that vary from 5 USD per a single booster. Some players spend a few hundreds of dollars per week to level up fast in League of Legends;
  • join the experienced team who will help you reach level 30 in the fastest way possible. However, you need to find on forums the teams who are ready to invite a newbie;
  • apply more summoner spells like Teleport or Ignite during the game. Opt for avoiding such spells as Flash, Smite and Flash;
  • choose the champs wisely, your selection must be centered on the aggressive heavy champions with the high damage. The best picks up for the fast leveling up are Jax, Corki, Ziggs, Malzahar, Caitlyn;
  • listen to your more experienced teammates who will tell you when it is worth chasing the enemy and when it is better holding the lane;
  • use wards (these are the invisible beacons that dispel the "fog of war" around your champ). Such trifles may save your champ’s life more than once;
  • you may hide from the rivals behind the creeps, many of their abilities then can’t hit you. Beat out the creeps when they are already involved in the fight, then they will not attack you.
  • try not to attack your enemies under the tower - do not forget that in this case the tower will start firing at you;
  • don’t forget that some items can be activated by clicking on their icon in the backpack, they will deliver a nice bonus. Try to buy items that have the gradual strengthening as soon as possible;
  • always follow the marks on the mini-map! With their help, the allies can warn you about approaching the rival;
  • try out as many champions in the game as possible. Knowing the skills and tactics of various champs will greatly help you winning against any team in the future. If you are afraid of losing when playing a new champion, use bot games to train.

The fastest way to level up in League

However, all these methods are good only for those players who only play MOBAs like Dota and LoL. And what if you are just playing LoL for fun and need to reach the same level as your friends who are already in the game for a few months. Refusing from the game is not the option, for sure. In this case, you may use the hand-leveled League accounts with the different champs leveled without the boosters or cheats to the level 30. This is the most comfortable way to level 30 in LoL in 2018. SmurfStore Corp offers a variety of multiple LoL hand-leveled account for all playable champs. You can even get a discount when buying more than one account per person – in such way the cost to reach level 30 won’t be too high. League is the funniest to play when you have the highest level of your favorite champs – no limitations will be on your way!

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